Cocktails Machine

The machine is provided for free with the purchase of products.



The Cocktails Machine offers a tailor-made solution for Bars, Hotels and Restaurants which provides automated dispense of high-quality Cocktails and Mocktails.
• Easy to be installed
• 8 to 30 ingredients
• A perfect dosage in second
• Zero waste, no overpouring.
• Anyone can make Cocktails

1. mazij altuwt albariyi
2. mazij alfarawilat almumtaz
3. mazij almanju braym
4. mazij alhamid alhamid
5. mazij fakihat albashin frut
6. mazij byna kulada almumtaz
7. muhitu brayim miks
8. mazij aljins ealaa alshaati alrayiysii
9. mazij marjirita brayim
1. Cranberry mix
2. Premium strawberry blend
3. Mango Prime Blend
4. Sour-sour mix
5. Passion fruit mix
6. Premium Pina Colada Mix
7. Mojito Prime Mix
8. Mix sex on main beach
9. Prime margarita mix


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